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Why Lenderium?

Lenderium offers cryptocurrency backed leasing and credit to private investors or businesses. Lenderium’s unique features are crypto backed leasing, possibility to leverage and hedge existing cryptocurrency investments.

Innovative technology

Blockchain based transparency and digital assets secured and guaranteed by smart contracts.

Licensed and compliant

We adhere to the strictest KYC and AML standards and compliance.

Professional team

Extensive business know-how from finance, software and crypto.

Unlock your crypto assets

Use your cryptoassets to take out quick and convenient loan and don't miss out on the gains.

Introducing Lenderium

Lenderium is a credit marketplace and financial ecosystem that enables cryptocurrency owners and miners to use their crypto-portfolio as a collateral for leasing and credit.

Lenderium ecosystem provides initial liquidity and smart contracts. Additional funds are available through the peer-to-peer credit marketplace.

Lenderium platform lets participants to use the value in their portfolio without sacrificing the gains of the crypto-market.

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How it works

Three easy steps


Register Account


Deposit Collateral


Receive leasing or credit


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Cryptocurrency investors

Crypto investors can receive immediate funding in different FIAT currencies based on the market value of their liquid cryptocurrencies.

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Crypto miners

In order to stay in the competition, miners are now able to lease new and more efficent hardware without liquidation of their mining rewards by taking out a loan with Lenderium.

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Investment Funds

Investment Funds, which own liquid crytoassets, can leverage their portfolio by using credit from Lenderium and take advantage of other investment possibilities. Funds can also participate as lenders in the P2P lending market

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Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptotrading platforms can use crypto-backed loans to raise necessary funds to finance their margin lending and trading services.

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ICO and Crypto companies

When in need of capital to cover operating expenses, ICO companies can now keep their raised crypto and take out a Lenderium loan instead.

Unique Value Proposition

Lenderium users can deposit cryptocurrency to lease equipment or goods. They can get a loan or a leasing in fiat currency or get a crypto loan leveraging or hedging their position. Platform users can also deposit fiat currencies to earn interest with P2P loans on Lenderium.

Lenderium token enables the transactions on the platform. Lenders need tokens to earn money. This will give the token real value that increases over time. The token is a tradeable and backed by the Credit and Safety funds. These funds grow with each transaction on the platform and increase the value of the Lenderium token.

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Lenderium token functions

Preferential terms for platform users when depositing Lenderium tokens for borrower status. Discount on Lenderium ecosystem fees for borrowers. Ability to pay fees in tokens. Access to lender status and the opportunity to earn interest as a P2P creditor.

Securing the collateral

Lenderium will hold collateral funds in a secure multi-signature wallet. Lender and borrower each hold one signature and the platform holds the other two signatures. 3 out of 4 signatures are required to access the wallet. Conditions of the credit agreement are recorded in blockchain-based (Ethereum) smart contracts.

Unlock your digital Assets!

Currencies accepted on Lenderium platform

We accept major liquid cryptoassets as collateral and pay out loans in different fiat currencies.

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Our Team

Veljo Madiberg

Veljo Madiberg

Finance and Crypto enthusiast

Arno Valgma

Arno Valgma

Research And Development

Priit Kallas

Priit Kallas

PR and Marketing

Viktor Kikerist

Viktor Kikerist

DevOps and Cyber Security

Mikk-Martin Anvelt

Mikk-Martin Anvelt

Media and Communications


Sander Lootus

Business development



International relations



Get ready for the ICO of Lenderium tokens!

Our whitelisting will start in Q4 2018.


When will it be possible to buy Lenderium tokens??

Whitelisting for the upcoming Lenderium ICO will start in Q4 2018. Subscribe to our news bulletin to make sure that you do not miss the opportunity.

Which cryptocurrencies will be accepted as collateral?

We shall start with the following currenices - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar Litecoin, Monero, XRP and EOS. Others will follow.

In which countries will Lenderium service be available?

We start the ICO in United Kingdom. Russia and Japan will follow shortly. Our intention is to make Lenderium a truly global ecosystem and cover as much countries as legally possible.

Do I have to pay in Ethereum to purchase Lenderium tokens?

Automated purchases can be done in Ethereum. However for large investors (Purchases in total of $100K USD and above), we can provide special conditions. Please contact our service team.




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